Cool Machines, Inc. Insulation Blowers

Who We Are

ISODAN ApS was founded by Jørgen Munter. It is a danish company with 40 years of experience in the in the European insulation business. We have been working with Dave Krendl for many years, and since the Coolmachines has been developed for the European marked, we have been responsible for the distribution in Europe.

Cool Machines was established in the year 2004 and is a top of the line, highly advanced manufacturer of insulation blowing machines. The company was first founded by a partnership formed between Dave Krendl and Andy Schulte, and their unison resulted in the creation of a company that is backed by over fifty years of experience. Cool Machines combines complete management skill and experience with innovative engineering designs. Clever technologies and product innovations have literally become synonymous with the company’s name: “Cool Machines”. One such product is the company’s trademark, a one-of-kind scalping auger creation. The latter proprietary technology offers a conditioning and fiber feeding process that is fully enhanced and packed into a tightly compact piece of machinery. This machine increases production performance and product coverage dramatically.

What We Offer

Cool Machines is equipped with a tremendously knowledgeable, highly skilled and professional trained staff that is ready to offer powerful, efficient, effective solutions created for the needs as defined by the company’s clients. Cool Machines is confident in their workmanship and quality since the company is willing to supply an ample and rather generous warranty policy in association with all of its product offerings. In all, Cool Machine’s product offerings are considered the greatest value for one’s investment. The entire staff at Cool Machines warmly welcomes the chance to provide the best and latest in fiber machine technologies as well as the best in terms of service and premium grade equipment.

Cool Machines proudly offers its insulation blowing machine products and services to all of its clients. The company has concentrated on making a high quality line of products directly focused on the industry of weatherization and the high demand for user friendly, long lasting, high quality equipment. The machinery is offered with a one year warranty. Clients find that Cool Machines offers products that are always available, dependable, reliable, and that are competitively priced too. There is no better choice when it comes to the selection of a quality weatherization program. This is why clients continue to work with Cool Machines and to invest in a “Cool” future.

About the Founders of Cool Machines

IMG_0171 Dave Krendl earned a Bachelor’s in the Arts and Master’s in the Arts in Industrial Technology at the Ohio State University. Krendl has served as the chief production designer and managing director of the Krendl Machine Company for seventeen years. He is also the previous vice president of the latter company. During his time with the company he created the companies airlock machine line and also introduced twelve unique insulation blowing machines into the machine blowing industry. Krendl continued to pioneer and manufacture novel equipment for use within the insulation industry and he has also headed up a team of professionals that developed innovative, highly advanced, state of the art, computer-managed gravimetric machines for use in industrial applications. Krendl literally grew up within the fiber industry and started out as a contractor and designer. He remains a major influence in the industry and a trainer and educator of those that follow him in the industry of fiber machine manufacturing till this day.

3-8-07 001 Andy Schulte earned a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts in Mechanical Design while studying at Bowling Green State University. For a decade, Schulte was, at one time, an electrical design specialist as well as the senior product engineer at Krendl Machine. He maintains more than fifteen years of experience within the fiber machine industry and he has specialized skills that focus on diagnostics and electric design innovations. Schulte is noted as an individual that brings a level-headed, even-keeled approach to troubleshooting tasks and he is very capable of supplying efficient, effective, unique solutions. Krendl and Schulte have unified their experiences in design and fiber machine manufacturing and the partnership makes the Cool Machines company one that is immensely qualified to remain a leader in the industry. Collaboratively, Krendl and Schulte hold a new, unique vision for design, tremendous craftsmanship, high quality workmanship, superior customer service, and exceptional solutions. With this vision in mind, the company is making and maintaining major advances in the fiber machine manufacturing market.